The Association of Hungarian Foundries was founded in December 1992 on the basis of the former Union of Hungarian Foundries.

The Association of Hungarian Foundries is a social structure managing the professional business federation of the Hungarian foundry industry.

Apart from a few exceptions, all the most prominent iron-, steel-, aluminium-, and other non-ferrous metal foundries belong to the Association. The majority of the foundries are jobbing foundries, which are engaged in the manufacture of numerous types of castings for almost all branches of industry, as well as for public utilities and municipal service enterprises.

In addition to the foundries, the supply industry companies, such as producers of auxiliary materials, trading and consulting enterprises, are also members of the Association.

The basic activity of the Association comprises the representation of the interests of the domestic foundry industry, which – besides the general representation of the employers’ and economic interests – means to promote professional interests as well. The latter area, alongside the activities related to environmental protection and vocational training and education, includes the establishment and development of international connections. Another major activity of the Association is to help introduce the members to the market through preparing and forwarding market information, or in case of demand on castings manufacture, through recommending the adequate member foundry to the customers, or rather forwarding the enquiries to the member foundries.

Furnishing support to the members plays an important role among the functions of the association. The most important support activities are the following:
– The association undertakes the organization of the joint participation of the member firms at the local and international trade fairs for the delivering industries.
– A company searching system “Casting Buyer’s Guide to Hungary”, called “MÖSZIT” is operated by the Association which is also available „from the table”. Any company could be delegated to this searching system after registration at the Association.
– The association also undertakes construction of studies and analyses related to the founding, organisation of informative reports, consultations, courses of lectures etc.

The Association of Hungarian Foundries with the knowledge of the part’s drawing, the material grade of the casting, the requested number of pieces to be manufactured and the technical and other delivery specifications will gladly be at disposal of inquirers at the following address:


H-1211 Budapest, Öntöde u. 10.

Phone: (36-1) 420-4812


János SZALAI president

Phone: (36-20) 567-4290


Gábor ZELEI secretary general

Phone: (36-20) 340-4964


 Gabriella Perczel-Fifek Secretariat

Phone: (36-1) 420-4812